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A few seconds of magic with Old Ox Music live.
Short small appetizers from different festivals over the years.

Old Ox Chamber Orchestra. 39 sec with Tjaikovskij

Old Ox Festival in Mariestad, 2 min

The big audience just love it!

Film archive

Experience Old Ox Music with these different feature films. Fine portraits and strong music with hundreds of musicians from all over the world and stars such as: Midori, Kurt Masur and Mischa Maisky.

Old Ox Chamber Orchestra (former Aurora C.O), 4 min in Stockholm 2018.
This new chamber orchestra has made great success in a short time.

Summary of the big festival in 2015. 8 min, with many of the stars and including the legend Kurt Masur with, as it turned out, his last appearance before his departure in 2015

Portrait 8 min from the Stockholm Festival 2018 with 300 musicians from all over the world. The stars include Misha Maisky, Jukka Pekka Saraste and Isabelle van Keulen

The world star Midori and many other stars at the Old Ox festival in Mariestad 2013

Portrait 7 min from the 2013 festival in Vänersborg and Trollhättan. Packed concerts and major artists on the stages

Documentary film 36 min from festival 2015. Among many stars, the legend Kurt Masur is seen as it turned out to be his last appearance.

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