Old Ox Music – European Master Classes – KMH Stockholm 2021

digital master classes and seminars


No course fee, 7.5 ECTS credits

The course will take place on Old Ox webpage and Old Ox Zoom in 25 different classrooms.

The course is also part of the Royal College of Music’s ”Additional Training Programs” which provides participating students with 7.5 ECTS credits = No course fee

The event is a unique opportunity to receive advice for your further musical and career development, to meet and get inspired by outstanding performers, as well as expanding and developing your international network.

Become an integral part of a performing arts community of which many of the world’s most important performers are also members.

Over 6 500 amazing young artists from 50 countries have participated in Old Ox masterclasses and festivals.

World record?

From 2006 to 2019, our master classes and festivals have always taken place live in Sweden.

In 2020, we, like everyone else, had to adapt to the pandemic and implemented everything digitally instead. It was a great success and possibly a world record with 23 professors, 320 students from 30 countries worked together via our Zoom platform.

In 2021, we will once again implement everything digitally in a corresponding way. This means that all professors have their own OLD OX- Zoom room with us where each class gathers and where everyone receives individual master classes.

In addition, everyone will receive various digital seminars as part of the course with, among other things, the theme of chamber music and orchestral playing, etc.

All participants in the course also have access to all about 25 professors’ classrooms to take part in the teaching of others.

In case…

We are prepared for the fact that if the pandemic / vaccine development develops extremely positively before the summer, we will possibly invite a limited number (voluntarily in that case) professors and students to Stockholm to conduct master classes and concerts on site.

Course content

All about 300 participants in this digital course may / can / must complete:

– Individual digital master classes by listed professor via Zoom

– Group lessons / Open Classes by listed professor via Zoom

– Seminars with subsequent written assignments

– Participate as a passive listener in, other than your asigned professor / instrument, master classes

NOTE! You have to be a citizen of countries in the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland.

Course period: 14-29 August, 2021

Application Deadline: May 14, Audio or Video-recording is mandatory when submitting your application.

Schedule – Professor: The schedule for everyone’s individual classes will be completed no later than June 30 and will then be sent out to all participants.

Several instruments have different professors you can choose from in the application. It then controls more precisely what period your particular classes will take place.

Course fee: 0 SEK for EU Citizens

ECTS- Credits:

Application Procedure

You MUST have the following three items prepared BEFORE you start your application!

  1. A copy of an official document from your academy which proves that you have completed at least 30 study credits or an equivalent thereof at a university level music school, academy or university.
  2. A copy of your passport or identity card
  3. An audio or video-recording. The only way to audition to Old Ox is by adding an audio or video URL (web address) into the Old Ox application form. The most common tools for this are Soundcloud and YouTube. The link must be open, meaning we will not accept applications requiring login details or password, please make sure in advance that your link works and is accessible to avoid any problems. The recording must be of a solo performance (with or without accompaniment). Repertoire is up to you. One piece is enough. Minimum time is 5 minutes.


April 14. The registration window opens
May 14.  DEADLINE to Apply online. (click APPLY HERE below. It takes about 10 min and you need to have the link to your audition and all documents ready.)
June 11. We will send out an email to all selected students.
June 14. Deadline to confirm your participation.
June 14. Detailed Schedule and Program will be sent by email.
August 14 – 29. Frame dates for all the online Master classes and seminars

Apply here – From April 14 – May 14

Old Ox Master Classes – NO COURSE FEE

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The Professors

Alec Frank-Gemmill


"A stunning performance... Alec Frank-Gemmill made the instrument dart, wail and flutter as if those were normal things for...

Alexander Zemtsov


Concertist, professor at Guildhall School of Music in London, at Vienna Konservatorium and at The Academy Lions Clubs Mo Alexander...

Alissa Margulis


The Guardian” describes Alissa Margulis’s playing as „exceptional”, Ivry Gitlis praises it as ”a revelation”. Appreciated for her expressive and...

Barbara Doll


Violin: Barbara Doll The meeting with the art of Barbara Doll was one of the happiest moments of my life....

Bence Bogányi


Bence Bogányi entstammt einer ungarischen Musikerfamilie. Er bekam seinen ersten Fagottunterricht mit 9 Jahren bei György Bokor in Ungarn....

Eszter Haffner


Eszter Haffner, 1969 in Budapest geboren, kam bereits mit 13 Jahren in die Begabten-Klasse an der Budapester Musikakademie zu...

Gordon Hunt


Gordon Hunt was born in London and studied with Terence MacDonagh. He performs throughout the world as soloist and...

Hermann Stefansson


Icelander Hermann Stefánsson is principal clarinettist of the Stockholm Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the Stockholm Sinfonietta. He has also...

Per Nyström


Per Nyström is a Swedish cellist, co-founder & artistic advisor of Aurora Chamber Music. ACM has in ten years become...

Peter Jablonski


Award-winning Swedish pianist Peter Jablonski has been in demand around the globe for nearly three decades as one of the...