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Old Ox Quick Facts

Old Ox production in numbers 2006 -2019

• 48 festivals and tours
• 6oo concerts in 20 towns
• 12o ooo audience
• 6 ooo musicians from 50 countries

Old Ox’s assets

✓ A world-class chamber orchestra (according to public survey and international expertise )
✓ World-leading organizer of Festivals and Master Classes for classical music ✓ Collaborations with world-leading artists and professors
✓ Strong ties to municipal music schools, new audience even in smaller towns ✓ Effective organization and worldwide network
✓ Strong long-term partners
✓ Cost-effective cultural delivery


Öppna/Ladda ner


Ola Larsson

General Manager – Old Ox Music

+46 (0)706 54 12 50


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